A drilled water well is a simple concept. It consists of a hole being bored into the earth and down into a water bearing zone. This could be fractures in bedrock, or in an unconsolidated sand/gravel deposit. The upper portion of the well is lined with a steel casing which prevents the softer overburden and rock from collapsing in, and also prevents surface and subsurface contaminants from entering the well. The casing is typically seated in bedrock and the water enters the well below the casing. In some circumstances the water is drawn in through screened or slotted casing.

In addition to water well drilling, our many years in the drilling industry have made us experienced in:

- Monitoring Wells

- Geothermal Drilling

- Exploration Drilling

- Blast holes

- Construction Piles

- Conductor Holes for Oil and Gas industry



We are equipped to drill wells ranging from 6" to 20" in diameter to satisfy the varying needs of clients.


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